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Safe Bariatric Surgery in Puerto Rico

Obesity can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Worse still, it can be life threatening, which for many obese people was an inescapable fact of life until recent times, despite their best efforts at dieting and exercising.

Today however, thanks to bariatric surgeries including Lap-Band, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, and Duodenal Switch, losing weight has become easier and faster than ever.

The only reason these procedures are not more common in North America is that they are very expensive, and most patients in need of them have no choice but to pay out of pocket since they are not typically covered by health insurance. Thankfully though, there is another option.
Bariatric surgery is extremely common in Puerto Rico, and when compared to equivalent procedures performed in a surgical clinic in the United States, the cost is much lower. In some cases the price difference is as much as 50% lower than typical costs in the USA or Canada.

Is Bariatric Surgery Safe in Puerto Rico?

As a part of the United States, the hospitals and medical centers in Puerto Rico must follow and be governed by the same high standards in the USA. As such, all doctors and surgeons must undergo strenuous study, internship, and testing. Additionally, all of our surgeons are certified by the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation to treat medical travelers.

Furthermore, many of Puerto Rico’s bariatric surgeons studied or trained in the USA prior to relocating back to Puerto Rico. All of our surgeons speak fluent English, so there is no reason to fear a major communication barrier.

Additionally, our approved bariatric surgeons in Puerto Rico have performed these procedures thousands of times and are considered experts and leaders in their specific fields of practice. Many of them specialize exclusively in bariatric treatments, so their familiarity with these procedures is second to none.

Avoid Surgery That Is “Too Cheap”

One of the main things that almost every horror story has in common is that the care facility that the ‘victim’ chose was the cheapest they could find, and they wrongly thought that they were merely getting a great deal. While medical care in Puerto Rico is considerably less expensive than in the rest of North America, our leading bariatric surgeons follow all US guidelines for care and have an outstanding track record for safe and successful surgeries.

What Are The Hospitals And Clinics Like?

Our bariatric surgery providers offer comfortable, clean and modern medical facilities, very similar to those in the rest of North America. You can expect high quality care, personal attention from bi-lingual medical professionals and the warmth of our island culture.

What bariatric surgeries are available in Puerto Rico?

1 Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass is the most commonly performed operation for weight loss. One of biggest advancements in gastric bypass surgeries has been the use of the laparoscope which has reduced the surgical opening to only several tiny incisions. This minimally invasive technique has greatly reduced the risks of infection, wound healing time and the occurrence of post-surgical hernias as compared with the traditional open incision.

2 Gastric Banding

Adjustable gastric banding with a Lap Band is a type of weight loss surgery that is typically recommended for obese patients with a body mass index of 35 or greater. This procedure employs an inflatable silicone band that is implanted around the top portion of a patient’s stomach via laparoscopic surgery.

3 Gastric Sleeve

In this weight-loss surgical procedure the size of the patient’s stomach is reduced to about 35% of its usual size and “stapled”, thus causing the stomach to take the shape of a sleeve or tube. This procedure is performed via laparoscopic surgery as well.

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Bariatric Procedures

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