At Star Healthcare Puerto Rico, every facility within our healthcare Hub is held to the highest of standards of care, each featured facility and their physicians are critically evaluated and verified based on our Five Star Standards of Excellence: Expertise, Safety, Innovation, Accessibility, and Patient-Centric Care.




All of our healthcare providers have been evaluated by Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation and have passed a certification program that ensures patients of their quality and experience. The majority of our providers are also Board Certified.


Puerto Rico maintains the same high standard of quality healthcare as centers in the U.S. Additionally, all of the hospitals within the Hub network are accredited by the Joint Commission, the gold standard in global healthcare. This ensures that each of our healthcare providers is held to the highest global standard for hygiene and infection prevention.


We accept nothing less from our providers than the latest in medical technology. Highly advanced minimally invasive and incision-free procedures options are offered in a wide array of treatment programs.


From affordable prices to readily available healthcare professionals and treatment options, we provide you with all the necessary resources you need to reach your desired procedure. Traveling to Puerto Rico is like traveling to any other U.S. State, and there are direct flights to Puerto Rico from most major U.S. airports.

Patient-Centric Care

We are with you every step of the way, from booking flights and hotels, to making appointments, to ensuring you have a safe and healthy return home. Each of our medical professionals and facilities work together with Star Concierge Hub, the concierge center that ensures your visit to Puerto Rico, America’s Healthcare Island is paradise from start to finish.

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