Ancillary Services

Do you need help finding a clinic, hospital or healthcare center? Depending on your condition and needs, you may choose to contact one or more of the organizations on our site. Each organization on this site has been certified and has experience managing healthcare for international patients.

The nature and type of services of these organizations vary greatly. Here are some examples:

Laboratories. Laboratories perform a wide range of tests for diagnostic purposes. Their services include x-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, electrocardiograms, and others.

Therapeutic services. These organizations offer services aimed at patient recovery. Their services include physical therapy, medical exercise, rehabilitation, chiropractic services, speech therapy, etc.

Transportation services. These organizations offer specialized transportation to the clinic, hospital, hotel, laboratory or other medical related organization. Services may include special transport vehicles, ambulance or customized travel planning.

Custodial Services. These organizations offer services for people who require medical care and assistance on a routine basis. Custodial programs include nursing homes, hospice care, long-term care, as well as emergency care for patients.


Since 1995, Advanced has been providing home health services throughout Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. Featuring a unique care model...

Atabex Translations

  Medical Translation and Interpretation Specialists We are a specialized, boutique translation company with over 30 years of expertise in...

Caregivers de Puerto Rico

Caregivers de Puerto Rico has been a leading home health care provider for more than 15 years in Puerto Rico. Our specialized staff is devoted to...

Medscan Radiology Specialists

We are leaders in Radiology, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We provide best services for; MRI, CTScan, Mammography, Densitometry, X-Ray and...


MedWay is the leading provider of special needs equipment and services for elderly travelers and medical tourism in Puerto Rico. Our team of...

San Patricio MEDFLIX

  San Patricio MEDFLIX, Puerto Rico’s premier state of the art ambulatory advanced diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine imaging center,...


Sononuclear of Rio Piedras is an advanced imaging diagnosis facility, widely renowned, among other distinctions, as the most experienced facility in PET/CT and PEM on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
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