There are many things to remember when you
are traveling abroad for healthcare treatments.
We’ve compiled a checklist to help you with your planning.

What to Bring to Puerto Rico?

  • Purchase travel insurance.

    Travel insurance protects you against unseen events, like hurricanes, cancelled flights, delayed flights, lost baggage, theft etc. The cost for good travel insurance is generally worth the sense of security it provides.
  • Consider medical tourism insurance.

    While most Puerto Rico doctors are Board Certified and recognized for their excellence, some patients prefer to insure their medical travel for complete safety and peace of mind.
  • Pack for warm weather.

    Puerto Rico is a warm weather destination 365 days a year. Pack shorts, comfortable clothes, sandals, tennis shoes, swimming suits and plenty of sunscreen. If you forget anything…don’t worry. Shopping in Puerto Rico is like shopping in the US. We have it all. A travel guide book is also helpful to help you get acquainted with the charms of our amazing island.
  • Puerto Rico uses the US Dollar

    ATMs are plentiful throughout the island. It’s very easy to withdraw cash at these locations or to pay with your credit card.
  • Medical Documents

    Bring important medical documents with you, such as x-rays, MRI reports, and any important information that your doctors and medical team should know. A medical summary is very helpful to pack in case of any emergency during your travels. (A medical summary is actually a good thing to carry with you whenever you travel…not just on medical vacations!)
  • Glasses or Contacts

    Bring an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses …just in case. It doesn’t happen often, but luggage gets lost, glasses break…so it’s good to have a back-up!
  • Copies

    Make photocopies of your passport and immunization records, and keep them in a separate location.
  • Medications

    Carry enough medication to last through your trip. If you are coming to Puerto Rico for one week, bring enough medication to last two weeks in case of any problems. You also need to protect your medication(s) from things like humidity and heat.
  • Vaccinations

    No vaccinations are needed to enter Puerto Rico.

What to Bring to the Hospital?

Important Paperwork

Please bring all necessary paperwork with you to facilitate the admissions process at the hospital:
  • For pre-admission testing.
  • On the day of your admission
  • On the day of your surgery

You will need the following paperwork to present at the hospital:
  • Complete list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications that you are currently taking
  • Reports from physicians
  • Medical insurance information, including insurance cards, pre-certification, and other documentation required by your insurer
  • Government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • List of telephone numbers of immediate family members
  • Pre-registration forms

For Your Comfort

Depending on your treatment, you may also want to pack:
  • Personal toiletries, such as a comb, brush, your own shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • Your own pajamas or nightgown, bathrobe, and slippers
  • Reading glasses
  • Books and magazines
  • Photographs

What to Leave at Home

  • Jewelry, expensive clothing, or other costly items should not be brought to the hospital. Please leave all your valuables at home
  • If you are bringing valuables with you, please check to see if there is a safe available at your hotel or hospital

Your Medications

Bring a list of all the medications you currently take. This list should include all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements.


Let your doctor and nurse know if you have any allergies, especially to medications and food, and/or to other substances.
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