After your medical or dental procedures, it’s important to prepare for your trip back home. Our Contact Center is at your service to help you make all the arrangements needed for your safe return.

The first step is to speak with your doctor or dentist in Puerto Rico about your discharge plans and post-procedure treatment. This will help you make an informed plan for travel accommodations and post-procedure care.

Some patients will need transportation from the hospital or clinic to the hotel or the airport. We’re here to help you find agencies that provide non-emergency medical transportation. You may also need to check with your airline to arrange for wheelchair assistance or other special mobility needs.

If you have prescription medications, it is important to check all medications you will need during travel into your carry-on bags for easy access.

You should also prepare for emergencies. Always carry the phone number of your doctor and family members with you, as well as any prescriptions, written discharge plans, and other relevant documents with you. It’s a good idea to keep those documents with you on your carry-on baggage when you travel.

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