Affordable minimally invasive
spine surgery in Puerto Rico.

Five Star Healthcare

in America’s Healthcare Island

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Get the smile you've always wanted...
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Affordable Dental Care in Puerto Rico...

America's Healthcare Island

Get your golf swing back...

Get your golf swing back...

Affordable shoulder, knee and
hip surgery in Puerto Rico

America's Healthcare Island

At Star Healthcare Puerto Rico, every facility within our healthcare Hub is held to the highest of standards of care, each featured facility and their physicians are critically evaluated and verified based on our Five Star Standards of Excellence: Expertise, Safety, Innovation, Accessibility, and Patient-Centric Care. Learn More

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Puerto Rico is part of the United States…No passport is needed for Americans to travel to Puerto Rico.

As a part of the United States, Puerto Rico offers the same high level of quality care, advanced technology and world-class infrastructure found in the best medical centers across the USA. The majority of our doctors and dentists are Board Certified, and our hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO/JCI). While the quality of care is equal to the care found across the USA, the prices for medical and dental care in Puerto Rico are up to 60% less!

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  • Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

    Staffed by leading surgeons, doctors and dentists that have been trained in the United States, our centers serve the needs of medical travelers for a fraction of the cost compared to rates for cosmetic surgery and dental cosmetic procedures in the United States.
  • Cardiology Procedures

    Puerto Rico’s excellent private hospitals, cardiovascular clinics and doctors cater to all forms of heart and vascular treatment, ranging from non-surgical diagnostic care and treatment for arrhythmia to total heart replacement /transplant.
  • Bariatric Procedures

    Our bariatric surgery providers offer comfortable, clean and modern medical facilities, very similar to those in the rest of North America. You can expect high quality care and personal attention from our bi-lingual doctors and medical professionals.
  • Dental Procedures

    Prices for dental care in Puerto Rico are often lower than prices for the same dental care in the USA and Canada, making it affordable to get all of the care you need. Our dentists are experienced in cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery and many clients combine their treatment with a dental vacation - a chance to travel!
  • Orthopedics

    Orthopedics is the field of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, joints, and muscles. You can count on our doctors and medical professionals for the best spine surgery, hip replacement and arthroscopic knee surgery. Then turn your recovery time into a vacation on our tropical island. That’s what medical tourism is all about!
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